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RE: Setbacks on buildings subject to seismic

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Most of the discussion in the blue book has been incorporated to UBC and IBC
in the form of structural regularity (tables 16-L and 16-M of UBC). There
are different procedures (Static vs. dynamic) depending on the building
regularity and soil condition that needs to be used. If you have a highly
irregular building, which based on your description you may have, you will
end up using the dynamic procedure, which will address the setback issue in
a more comprehensive manner, that static procedure.

Ben Yousefi, SE
San Jose, CA

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	Subject:	Setbacks on buildings subject to seismic

	A question for all you real structural seismic people.

	I have a building with a setback (i.e. a main pedestal of a building
with a
	"tower" portion sitting on top of the pedestal).  In reality, it is
	existing building in which we will be cutting out some of the middle
	for the upper floors.  The result will be a pedestal with two towers
	sitting on the two sides.

	I have used a suggested procedure(s) for analyzing setback buildings
in the
	past that was contained in an Appendix of the SEAOC Blue book.  That
	Appendix is no longer present in the 1996 Blue book.  I am assuming
	this has been incorporated into the main body of the newer Blue
books (i.e.
	1996).  The question is: Can any one tell me where this might be
	in the newer versions of the Blue book?  I ask because I am not as
	with the Blue book, since most of Michigan uses the BOCA code.  I
believe I
	found it in the Blue book but I want to make sure that I am not
	other parts that may also address this.