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Consecutive Numbering of @RAND Numbers

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For all you spreadsheet wizards ....continuing the previous @RAND topic:

I have the following numbers: (example)

A1      B1      C1      D1      E1      F1        <-- these are the positions 
of cells in the spreadsheet where the numbers shown below are entered

0.542   0.217   0.981   0.524   0.237   0.152    and so on

Below each of these cells I would like to write an equation which would 
display which of these numbers is the highest number, the second highest, the 
third highest, and so on, of all numbers entered in the spreadsheet. The 
answer, of course, must be:
A2      B2      C2      D2      E2      F2        <--- (on line 2 or on any 
line below) 
2       5       1       3       4       6

The answer must be instantaneous and changing as you enter new @RAND numbers.

I am looking for the most efficient equation or set of equations. Since there 
might be as few numbers as 2 and as many as thousands, the simplest solution 
is sought.

It has to be remembered that every time you press the F9 key, a brand new 
situation develops.