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couple other sources for your consideration:

"Proceedings of a Workshop on Design of Horizontal Diaphragms," sponsored by
NSF, 11/19-20/1979, by ATC in a paper entitled "Analysis Methods for Horizontal
Wood Diaphragms" by Jephcott and Dewdney, Office of the State Architect. p.185
shows 300 plf for 1" diagonal board sheathing; 400 plf for 2" diagonal board
sheathing; and 600 plf for special diagonal sheathing (2 layers at right angles
to each other).

AF&PA codified this value of 300 plf in its Wood Frame Construction Manual
Supplement Table 3B (p.192). nailing is 2-8d commons at ends and supports.


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Subject: RE: diagonal sheathing
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James Allen wrote:


>>See Western Woods Use Book. My version (copyright 1973) is not quite as old 
as I am, however, I am sure that the statics have not changed and I would not
search for software for assistance. The blocking problem does not seem too
tough to me, but without seeing a sketch of the details I won't offer advice.

James Allen, P.E.
Homer, AK

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Subject:        diagonal sheathing

Does anyone know how to determine the shear capacity of an existing diaphragm 
made from 1x6 diagonal sheathing? The building was built in 1960.

Also, what about engaging a roof diaphragm (diagonal sheathing) with new 
shear walls if the roofing is existing and will remain ( ie. no nails through 
the top into the blocking).<<


Which is what I was going to recommend.  There is, however, a newer version 
out, available for about $60.00 (postage *included*) from WWPA.  This version 
is in a big 3-ring binder instead of being bound.  The only problem is --- 
where to put it!

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

From: NRoselund(--nospam--at)
Subject: Re: diagonal sheathing
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Section 2315.3.1 of the 1997 UBC gives the rules for constructing a 
Conventional lumber diaphragm.  It appears to be unchanged from Section 
2514(b) of the 1970 UBC.  The 1970 edition and the 1994 edition of the UBC 
state that conventional lumber diaphragms may be used to resist shear due to 
wind or seismic forces not exceeding 300 pounds per linear foot.  The 1994 
edition gives rules for adjusting the allowable value depending on the 
species of sheathing material.

The UCBC, Table A-1-D, allows 600 pounds per foot if the diaphragm includes 
finish wood flooring over the diagonal sheathing; Division 88 of the L.A. 
City Building Code allow 450 pounds for this kind of diaphragm.

Nels Roselund
Structural Engineer