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RE: Hydrodynamic Pressure

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In  a message that you posted to the SEAINT list, there was a UUENCODEd 
attachment, WINMAIL.DAT, which you did not indicate in your message that you 
were posting.  Frequently these unexpected attachments are viruses, however, 
I just checked Symantec's site and could not find a virus named WINMAIL.  If 
you knowingly included the attachment and it is not a virus, fine.  If the 
attachment was unknowingly placed in your message, then I thought that you 
would want to know about it.  Your message, including part of the header and 
part of the UUENCODEd attachment is as follows:


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Subject: RE: Hydrodynamic Pressure
Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 16:03:09 +-500
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There is a chapter tilted "Design Spectrum", authored by G. W. Housner, in 
the following book:

Wiegel, Robert L. (Coordinating Editor), "Earthquake Engineering", 
Prentice-HallI Inc., 1970.

The said chapter outlines the methodology for computation of sloshing 
effects on circular tanks. But an oval shape is not covered. References, at 
the end of the chapter, lists, amongst others, the following paper by 

Housner, G. W., (January 1967), "Dynamic Pressures on Accelerated Fluid 
Containers", Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 47(1).

Perhaps this is the original paper by Housner, that you are looking for.

I suspect the date of January 1967 could be January 1957, because in 
another book that I have, the year of 1957 is written, for the same 
reference. At least, one of them appears to be a typographical error.

Other references that I have, cover only rectangular and cylindrical shapes 
only. Therefore, it is not very likely that Housner himself has solved the 
case for oval shape.

Hope this helps.

Rizwan Mirza
Consulting Structural Engineer
Lahore, Pakistan

begin 600 WINMAIL.DAT
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M`@````(``@`!!) &`! !```!````# ````,``# #````"P`/#@`````"`?\/

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona