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Re: PE Stamps on Drawings

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"Mark E. Deardorff" wrote:
> That's true, Dennis. But sometimes, in the interests of time, action has to occur before a consensus is reached. In this case, no one was aware of this proposed rule change until the last minute. It is better to take a position that most PE's would clearly support than to wait for the obvious to become official.
> Mark Deardorff

Two thoughts, even though I don't live (or work) in California.

1. Why wasn't this change brought to light before it was too late 	to
gather opinions?
2. Common sense is rather uncommon.  Just because something 		appears
simple or obvious to you or me, doesn't make it so to 		everyone.  Read
this list, how many people come with questions 		that might have
"obvious" answers to others?

Enjoy the holidays!
Jake Watson, E.I.T.
Salt Lake City, UT