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RE: PE Stamps on Drawings

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Well, I see I stepped in it! A whole
year? Wow! I am not surprised that you
do not rely on SEAOC to represent your
interests. I assumed that this was a new
issue, not something as old as a year.

I really thought that the various
legislative committees were supposed to
keep their eyes on such things.


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> From: Charles Greenlaw
> Sent: Saturday, December 18, 1999 4:01
> To: Jake Watson
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> Subject: PE Stamps on Drawings
> The PE Board's proposal has been
available to the profession
> for about a
> year. Their meeting agenda packages
have contained it that
> long. I subscribe
> privately to the agenda package
mailings, and to the free
> list for receiving
> official notices of rulemaking
proposals, which one must take
> the initiative
> to request being on. The SEAOC
executive office also subscribes to the
> agenda pagkages, but little attention
seems to have been paid to their
> contents over the 6 years or so since
there has been a SEAOC executive
> secretary. I don't rely on SEAOC to
watch out for my
> interests any more.