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RE: UBC seismic connection

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Title: RE: UBC seismic connection

This option (maximum system force) is a limit that can be applied whenever there is some feature of the system that limits the force that can be transferred to the element in question by the system. That sounds like circular logic, so I'll explain with a specific example. The maximum force in a brace in a braced frame may be limited by uplift or overturning if the structural system is one that utilizes spread footing. This limit may not be applicable however for the same superstructure combined with pile foundations.

Hope this helps.


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Subject: UBC seismic connection

   UBC 97 section 2213.8.3.1 states that bracing connections must be
designed for the least of three (3) different cases.  One of the cases is
"The maximum force that can be transferred to the brace by the system".  It
has been suggested that the only way to obtain this value is thru a static
push-over analysis or a non-linear time history analysis.
   Could someone explain (to a person not experienced in high-seismic design
requirements) the definition of "maximum system force transferred to the
brace" and how this value is normally obtained?
   The building is Seismic Zone 3, Soil Profile SD, Importance 1.0, Ca 0.36,
Cv 0.54, concentrically braced steel frame.

Thank you in advance for your input.
William Pulyer P.E.

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