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Layout Prevents use of Drag Struts

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I have one of those million dollar wonders on my desk, one wall of the home is nearly all glass.  This is exacerbated by the layout of the walls - bay upon jog upon bay.  One bay is not located in the corner of the house, so I can use a drag truss there.  But for several bays and jogs, I can't get any shear strength out of the wall, and cannot drag across it either.  Intuitively, I'm thinking of omitting these sections for the roof diaphragm design.  Beyond that, I'm not clear how I will proceed to account for this...I haven't seen any procedures lined out by APA.  I'm also concerned about deflection.  We plan to use the Simpson Strongwall system ,which lists .439" drift at max. allowable load.  I discussed it with the architect, specifically for the areas with stucco, and he thinks with his control joint layout and all the discontinuity in the wall, he'll be ok.  Any suggestions/advice?  

(We're in MN, so wind is the only concern.)

Ed Fasula EIT