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Databases for lt gage steel

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Does anyone know if any of the major producers of light gage steel shapes
(Angeles, Dietrich, Steeler, etc...) have the section properties available
in a spreadsheet or database format that appear in their ICBO reports?

 I purchased the AISC database of steel shapes and using the lookup
functions in excel, it is easy to incorporate these tables into design
spreadsheets. I would like to do the same for AISI provisions since the
equations are so tedious. I have some already set up in Mathcad, but I'd
like to do it in Excel. The problem is, no matter what shape I try, If it
does not work, I have to re-enter every damn section property since nearly
every one is used in some limit state check. 

I would think that these manufacturers would be giving these away for free
since they are all in competition against one another. I know I would be
much more likely to specifiy a certain producer who could provide me with
this info. All I want are the section properties, not the tables showing
allowable loads. It would seem to me that they at least have text files of
all of these properties since somebody had to type up those ICBO reports
(which are all in table format). I believe Excel and other spreadsheets can
create columns and rows from text files based on deliniators like commas and
spaces. I don't think that much effort would be used to make these
available. Trying to retype the tables is pointless, a typo or skipping a
line could really foul things up. If I can get it from the source, I would
have a lot of confidence in my designs and switch closer and closer to using
metal studs where I now use wood.

If anyone has any leads I would greatly appreciate their thoughts and


Gerard Madden, P.E.
Civil Engineer, Associate
CRJ Associates, Inc.
email: gerardm(--nospam--at)
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