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Re: Databases for lt gage steel

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     I was looking for the same thing and similar for bar joists.  I got an
invitation from the Thomas Register for the free CADBlocks disk.  Hopefully,
it will have section properties of some sort.  Will let you know if it does.

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Date: Tuesday, December 21, 1999 2:32 PM
Subject: RE: Databases for lt gage steel

>Good luck.  Several months ago, I had to input properties from one
>particular mfr. into a metal truss design program by hand.  Talk about
>TEDIOUS and hard to backcheck.
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>Subject: Databases for lt gage steel
>Does anyone know if any of the major producers of light gage steel shapes
>(Angeles, Dietrich, Steeler, etc...) have the section properties available
>in a spreadsheet or database format that appear in their ICBO reports?
> I purchased the AISC database of steel shapes and using the lookup
>functions in excel, it is easy to incorporate these tables into design
>spreadsheets. I would like to do the same for AISI provisions since the
>equations are so tedious. I have some already set up in Mathcad, but I'd
>like to do it in Excel. The problem is, no matter what shape I try, If it
>does not work, I have to re-enter every damn section property since nearly
>every one is used in some limit state check.
>I would think that these manufacturers would be giving these away for free
>since they are all in competition against one another. I know I would be
>much more likely to specifiy a certain producer who could provide me with
>this info. All I want are the section properties, not the tables showing
>allowable loads. It would seem to me that they at least have text files of
>all of these properties since somebody had to type up those ICBO reports
>(which are all in table format). I believe Excel and other spreadsheets can
>create columns and rows from text files based on deliniators like commas
>spaces. I don't think that much effort would be used to make these
>available. Trying to retype the tables is pointless, a typo or skipping a
>line could really foul things up. If I can get it from the source, I would
>have a lot of confidence in my designs and switch closer and closer to
>metal studs where I now use wood.
>If anyone has any leads I would greatly appreciate their thoughts and
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