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RE: Databases for lt gage steel

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You will probably be disappointed ... I know I was to find out none were
included.  Even calling the manufacturer does not get you all the
information.  One manufacturer reluctantly agreed to give me the properties
(dimensions only) of any joist that I asked for over the phone.  So I have
to call every time I need the properties for a different joist and then
perform the property calculations.  

Does anybody know why the properties of joists are not published?  My theory
is that each joist is rolled specifically for each loading detailed on the
drawings and if they can roll the angles 1/32" thinner or shorten the angle
legs by a 1/4" and still meet your loading/span criteria, the manufacturer
will do it to save material and increase profits.

I recall seeing K-joist properties being included in the FloorVib2 program
offered by STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS INC., 537 Wisteria Drive, Radford, VA
24141, 540.731.3330, 540.639.0713 FAX.  Cost is $250 plus $10 s/h plus VA
sales tax if you are a resident.  If I do more work with composite joists I
would invest in this but right now the price is too steep just to get joist
properties.  Because once you have the joist properties, you will need the
joist girder properties and you are back where you started ... looking for
unpublished data.  Good luck!

William J. Keil, P.E.