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Re: Casino Project

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For the areas with slots and tables, you should be able to use 100 or 125
psf for the live load.  If I remember correctly, slots plus coins in the
slots averaged out to about 50 psf or so.

Things to be aware of:
1) slot machines weigh about 200 to 350 pounds (depend on type of
machine...if memory serves me correctly, the video poker machines are
typically the heaviest)
2) you can have coins in the slot machine itself but there can be
additional storage in the bases
3) depends some on whether or not the casion will use tokens or real coins.
 Tokens are slightly lighter.
4) assume about 150 lbs per machine for coins IF coins are stored in the
base units...less if no coins in base units.
5) find out where the coin exchange and coin banks will be located.  Coin
exchanges will be were customers will either get change or get tokens.
Coin banks will be a room(s) with coin/token storage for use on the floor.
The casino will likely want to stack coin several feet tall at these
locations (I was told about 4 feet).  This can result in loads of 600 psf
or greater in local areas.
6) use a beefed up loading for mech, elec, and arch at the ceilings.  You
will likely be dealing with "hard" ceilings (i.e. gyp board ceilings) with
LOTS of coffers etc.  Also, you've got heavy duty duct work if they are
smart (to deal with smoke), fire system piping, other piping, normal
electrical lines, security cameras/wiring, computer network cabling for
gaming systems, booze lines to bars, speaker systems, lighting, etc.
7) also be aware that they will have cart that will be used to deliver
and/or collect money from slots.  These cart can weigh on the order of 6000
lbs or higher.

To get info on slot machines you can try IGT (International Game
Technology) at 702-896-8500.  I don't know how helpful they will be, but if
the casino is buying new machines it is probably from IGT.

For info on coin carts, check out  Make sure you have the
most current web browser since their site will not work with older (I have
Netscape 4.7 and IE 4.0).

Hope this helps,


At 11:04 AM 12/22/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>My firm is involved in a casino project and will be building the casino
>space on a framed floor.  We're in the very preliminary stages of conceptual
>design and do not yet have any specific design criteria from the casino
>gaming equipment suppliers.  Does anyone have any direct experience with
>this type of project and be willing to share some ballpark design criteria
>such as live loads, vibration requirements, weight of slot machines, etc.?
>Thanks in Advance!!!
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