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RE: Casino Project

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Even though the structure is lucky if it registers on the cost radar, they
sure do complain alot about spending money for structural items and then
don't blink at the $$$ for the all the arch finishes.


At 01:14 PM 12/22/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Time is money ... every day that the casino is not open means $1 million +
>lost revenue which you will probably hear very soon.  I would use 100 psf LL
>and 40 psf DL plus the weight of the structure and mechanical/electrical.
>This should cover most layouts and can be confirmed later.  It's not
>uncommon for design firms to double or triple the code minimum loads just to
>cover all the bases.  Of all the projects I've reviewed the cost of the
>structure is small potatoes compared to the other systems including the
>video surveillance.  Don't forget to include a load for a catwalk system in
>the ceiling that experts will use regularly to catch all of the cheats.
>William J. Keil, P.E.