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RE: Hydrodynamic Pressure

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Thanks. I've got the corrections. If you are familiar with TID 7024 and
Housner's work, maybe you could shed some light on his derivation of
impulsive wall pressures for cylindrical tanks. In Appendix F of TID 7024,
there is an equation for pw (equation F79) that includes a hyperbolic
tangent term. He makes a simplification of this formula which is easier to
integrate (equation F80) and claims the results are similar, but when I run
the calculations I get significant divergence in the pressures predicted by
these equations as phi increases from 0 to 90 degrees. Am I missing

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Subject: RE: Hydrodynamic Pressure

I was one of the grad students that had M. Haroun as advisor in the early to
mid 80's, Haroun was Housner's last PhD student.
When using the Housner equations in the TID - 7024, make sure you are using
the CORRECTED equations, the original work had several math error in the
development, they were published by Haroun and Housner in an ASCE Journal in
the early 80's.
Williston "Bill" L. Warren, IV - S.E.
Newport Beach, CA
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Subject: RE: Hydrodynamic Pressure

TID-7024 lists the following reference: ""Dynamic Pressures on Accelerated
Fluid Containers", by G.W.Housner, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of
America, January 1957.  I have a rather poor quality copy (21 pages)which
states "manuscript received for publication November 17, 1955".  It includes
a brief (1/2 page) description, with a couple of formulas, for an elliptical
tank.  (Jim, if you send me your fax number, I could fax a few pages to

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> Subject: RE: Hydrodynamic Pressure
> Sounds like pay dirt to me. Do you know where I can get my hands on
> Housner's original paper? All I have ever seen is excerpts 
> from TID 7024 for
> rectangular and circular tanks. I have assorted papers I've 
> collected over
> the years by Housner, Haroun, Veletsos and others, but I 
> haven't run across
> the reference you mentioned. If you have the paper, maybe I 
> could prevail on
> you to fax me the relevant pages. Jim Lutz - Earth Tech - Bellevue, WA
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> Subject: RE: Hydrodynamic Pressure
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> Subject: RE: Hydrodynamic Pressure
> Christopher
>      Do not be to assured the original designer did not use 
> the original 
> Housner paper. I believe it was published in 1957. The title 
> is " Dynamic 
> Pressures on Accelerated Fluid Containers. The equations are 
> worked out for 
> Elliptical Tanks and Rectangular Dams that slope. I would at 
> least read 
> this paper before I tried to do any tank work. The equations 
> from TID-7024 
> are from this paper.
> Acie Chance