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new SEAOC seismology web page

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The web page of the seismology committee has been revised into a new format
which is intended to allow for the creation of the FAQ list for the new Blue
Book, the Seismic Design Manual, and the 1997 UBC.  There is nothing much of
substance (i.e., nothin') to look at yet, however, a web page is provided to
allow users to submit questions to the committee for eventual creation of the
FAQ list.

Due to starting glitches in the system, all of the messages will be routed to
yours truly for at least a while.  Because I am going to take a few days off,
and I tend to work for a living anyway, I am worried about the flood of email
that I might have to deal with when I get back (on the other hand, maybe
there'll be nothing).  But I intend to wade through it and with your help and
patience I hope we can get a useful resource off the ground.

Regarding the rigid versus flexible diaphragm thing, members should be receiving
a copy of the SEAOC Plan Review in which Ron Hamburger has placed an article of
his personal statements.  I have written a somewhat similar position for the
seismology committee, but is has been bogged down in review and comment cycle
between the code and seismology committees.  Actually, this is an example of
what people should expect from any questions submitted for the FAQ list.  2 to 3
months of silence while committee members are prodded until everyone agrees.
The intent of the FAQ list is to provide answers with some research and
consensus agreement, as opposed to the immediate but personal opinions that are
already available on the list server.

Happy holidays, everyone.