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I hope that you get your credit card problems straightened out.

I recently read (I believe it was Monday in the "Tech" supplement of the 
afternoon Tucson paper) about moles being sent to computers that monitor web 
activities and can grab credit card and password information and forward it 
on to the sender of the mole.  The article named the moles and what they do.  
I just searched the paper's web site ( and apparently 
they don't archive info from the supplements.  If the garbage wasn't picked 
up one day early this week, I would still have the paper.

There is also an article in the December 20, 1999, issue of Infoworld 
( that describes other moles that collect information about 
you from your e-mail. (Window Manager column by Brian Livingston.)

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

James Bela wrote:


Just a heads up friendly reminder that more goes on on the Internet than
just your friendly SEAINT NICK.Listserv!

While travelling to San Francisco, I was unable to use my credit card.
It was "denied".  I didn't discover until I got home that it was denied
because it was "over the limit".  Although my card has never been out of
my possession, 9 unauthorized charges posted to my account:;;  I don't know what happened at this point,
but you might want to consider FAXing your credit card number, rather
than submitting it via email, regardless of how "secure" the site claims
to be.  About $3,000 went bye-bye in two weeks at the stroke of a
keyboard, and I was none the wiser until the card was denied.

According to

Please fax (or have your issuing bank fax) to us at (206) 266-6300 the
following information:

     * complete credit card number
     * date of charge
     * amount of charge
     * name and extension of contact person at your issuing bank
       (use the toll-free number on your credit card to obtain this)
     * your name, email address, and fax number (or phone number)

We ask that this information be faxed to us simply because email is
not as secure a method of transmitting your credit card number.

All I want for Christmas is my "Available Credit"!

PS:  I know it wasn't anybody from the Listserv, because no "Code Expert
Opinion" CD ROMs were purchased!

James Bela<<