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This is not only a real problem on the Internet, but your card may not have been "swiped" from an Internet purchase. I recently saw a special on MSNBC that reported about credit card fraud in Bloomindales in New York. Store employees (hired for the holidays) attached card readers (those small devices that all stores swipe your card through) to Palm Pilots and other PDA devices (including Windows CE PDA's). The cards are swiped twice without the owners knowledge. The second swipe records the card number and other information embedded in the magnetic strip on the card.
The employees were then selling this information (along with the personal information taken off the receipts) to pirates who sent the information overseas where it was then used against the card - wiping out any available balances.  Shoppers were warned that this is running rampant and most people think that it is occurring on the Internet when it actually occurs when you or your spouse (or kids) are paying for merchandise as you would do commonly in the brick and mortar stores.
Fortunately, you are protected by a maximum liability of generally $50.00 - but this does not protect you when you need a line of credit for Christmas gifts, travel or anything that is rightly yours.
I'm sorry to hear of your problems and hope that you get through the season in good cheer despite this unfortunate problem.