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RE: California Building Code seismic provisions.

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I believe the question of FEMA funding has already been addressed.  

The issue of special inspection is different.  In many municipalities,
special inspection is performed under the supervision of a licensed
engineer.  But most licensed engineers aren't good special inspectors.  And
many special inspectors are not qualified.  I would highly recommend that
engineers to go through the ICBO lecture and take the exam for special

I would recommend anyone to look at the qualifications for special
inspectors on the Kansas City, MO building department web site  The tragedy of the
Hyatt has borne fruit.

Harold Sprague

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> Subject:	Re: California Building Code seismic provisions.
> 	Correct me if I am wrong, but FEMA will only refuse money if a state
> adopts standards that are less stringent that a nation standard
> (FEMA/NEHRP).  So if California and were to amend stricter standards
> (Blue book) then there is no violation and FEMA will be happy.  Why
> would FEMA complain if California enforced tougher codes?
> 	Secondly, enforcement was mentioned in another thread.  Here in
> Utah,
> special inspection seams to be a four letter word.  Larger buildings
> will use it, but only if absolutely necessary.  What could be done to
> encourage owners, contractors, and building officials to use special
> inspection or similar methods more often?  Furthermore, is there a way
> to train inspectors in ways of engineering? Or am I naive in the
> thoughts that inspectors should know the code as well as we do?
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