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Engineer's Christmas? (And A Rant About "The New Millenium Hoax")

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I can't help but wonder:

Who among us got something as a gift this Christmas that ONLY an
engineer--preferably a structural engineer--could love? Something from
someone who cares enough to send the very nerdiest? A gift that let's you
know that this person REALLY UNDERSTANDS and KNOWS you well, that you are
first and foremost a (structural) engineer?

For example: About five years ago my wife actually did the research and
consulted with some of my colleagues, unbeknownst to me, and got a very
fancy HP 46 (?) graphing calculator, not realizing that I don't really use
the fancy calculators as I did when I was in school (and she and I were
newly married), preferring MathCad and spreadsheets. But it was the THOUGHT
that counted; it was her way of letting me know that I was HER NERD, above
all other nerds!

Anyone get anything in a similar vein this year? I bet we'd ALL love to hear
about it!

Regards and happy holidays.

(P.S. NOTE that I don't say "happy new millenium"! Is it just me or is
anyone else in here on the brink of calling up the stupid, ignorant radio
and television and newspaper idiots in this town to tell them just HOW
stupid and ignorant they are for perpetuating the myth that the year 2000
signifies the dawn of the 21st century--and the third millenium A.D.--when
it is actually the LAST YEAR of the 20th Century, and of the second
millenium? Ah, well, but I digress...  Gotta go check my blood pressure

Regards, again.