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Re: California Building Code seismic provisions.

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Martin Johnson,

Thank you for your important informative email message on the subject matter.

Your example of permitting essentially unreinforced masonry construction to 
be used in the Sacramento area of one of the important problems with the 2000 
IBC.  I am encouraged that you and the SEAOC Seismology and Code Committees 
are actively involved in the 2000 IBC and 2001 IBC Supplement code changes 
process.  Your example of the permitting unreinforced masonry construction in 
certain areas of California, based on the IBC mapping,  would be but one 
example of future California Building Code amendments to correct the 2000 IBC 
before the 2000 IBC is adopted in California.

Your comments concerning FEMA's serious desire to establish a "uniform 
national standard" are very important.  The power of the Federal government 
to withhold federal funds from local and state projects if the local and 
state jurisdictions do not follow FEMA's desires are real concerns to many 
and represent just one of the concerns that Henry Degenkolb had about having 
a Federal mandated uniform national standards and building codes. 

Please keep us informed about the state of the IBC code developments and the 
activities of the SEAOC Seismology committee.

Thank you again for the time and effort you took to prepare your important 

Frank E. McClure   December 27, 1999