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Re: (And A Rant About "The New Millenium Hoax")

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     From what I gather it will be an embedded chip problem and will get
progressively worse to sometime next summer.  The oil tankers have these
chips in their computers - I wonder if they can afford the fix?!


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Date: Monday, December 27, 1999 4:22 PM
Subject: Re: (And A Rant About "The New Millenium Hoax")

>Certainly there was a year 0, by default.  Just like there was a
year -2000.
>The world existed and time went by.  Dionysius based his calendar on an
>event that happened over 500 year before his time.  He may have been off a
>little but given the technology of the era he didn't do too bad.  Our
>calendar is completely arbitrary.  Today has a 1/365 chance of being the
>anniversary of the big bang.  Happy New Year.
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>> >There was no "year 0" in "Dennis the Short's" calendar. We began
>> >1 A.D. Years 1-1000 were the first millenium A.D.; Years 1001-2000 are
>> >second millenium. The Third Millenium starts in 2001!
>> Ah yes, but the occult power is in all those zeroes--three in a row. Just
>> loaded with cosmic energy. Like when your car odometer turns over 100000
>> miles and the headlights spin around and change colors and you can only
>> get new age music on the radio.
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