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RE: (And A Rant About "The New Millenium Hoax")

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I think it's exactly the point.  You are getting worked up about whether or not 
the year 2000 is in the 2nd or 3rd millennium and Jason points out that the 
year counting is a little ambiguous anyway.  

If you made a $1 million last year would you consider yourself a millionaire or 
would you have to make $1,001,000 first?

I think no one knows what year we are in, precisely.  But the excitement of 
the year 2000 is fun, if you don't let the specific ambiguities get you down.

And don't forget, we are all 'the public'.  And I think I know a 'few' things.

> That's not the point. Since Dionysius Exiguus established the fore-runner to
> our modern calendar in 525 A.D., we have all agreed to abide by it. That's
> almost 1,500 years of agreement, mind you!
> The thing that is really galling is that the public doesn't know anything
> anymore, and the mainstream media pander to their ignorance.
> There was no "year 0" in "Dennis the Short's" calendar. We began counting at
> 1 A.D. Years 1-1000 were the first millenium A.D.; Years 1001-2000 are the
> second millenium. The Third Millenium starts in 2001!
> I read in the newspaper a few weeks ago that most theological historians
> believe that the fellow who came up with the current calendar (sometime
> around 700 A.D.) got the date of Jesus' birth wrong by a few years.  So the
> new millennium probably began about 3 or 4 years ago anyway.

Darien Tebbe
ext. 7255