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metal roof decking

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I have Robertson's catalogs from 1968, however, the gauges that you specify 
do not appear in their catalog.

RK and UKX deck are cellular decks and are designated RK XX-YY where XX is 
the gauge of the upper element and YY is the gauge of the bottom element.

UKX deck has gauges of 12-12, 14-14, 16-14, 16-16, 18-16 and 18-18 and 
overall depths of 1.72" (for 12-12) to 1.60" (for 18-18) and has a flat 

RK deck has gauges of 12-12, 14-14, 16-16, and 18-18 and is mirrored about 
it's horizontal centerline.  Overall depths range from 3.22" (for 12-12) to 
3.10" (for 18-18).

If you could provide me with more information, I would be happy to check my 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona

Chris Towne wrote:

Does anybody know how I can get properties or load tables for Robertson, type
RK, 3" deep, ga. 22 and 16 and type UKX, 1-1/2" deep, ga. 22 and 16 steel
decking.  The building was built around 1969.

Any help would be much appreciated.