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RE: (And A Rant About "The New Millenium Hoax")

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The New York Times edition of January 1, 1901, heralded "Twentieth Century

Does this mean that the Twentieth Century was 99 years long?

On the other hand: The oldest adage in marketing is "buy it now!"

How much more advantageous for the hucksters that make up modern society if
they can "dupe" the rest of us into this "New Millenium" craze? Sell a lot
of Coke, Pepsi, and spark plugs that way!

That's what most bugs me about it.

And I would submit that we DO know "exactly what year we are in." We are,
right now, in Year 1999 A.D. That is in keeping with nearly 1,500 years of
convention. What year, exactly, a babe was born in Bethlehem is of little
consequence when you consider that all the recorded events of history for
the last 1,500 years have been so recorded with this system of numeration in

It makes me mad that we have so little education, generally, anymore that we
pay more respect to numerology (a superstition) than we do to arithmetic (a

Lastly, as far as "the public" being stupid: As a college buddy of mine once
remarked, "Do you have any idea how STUPID an IQ of 100 is?"

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I think no one knows what year we are in, precisely.  But the excitement of 
the year 2000 is fun, if you don't let the specific ambiguities get you

And don't forget, we are all 'the public'.  And I think I know a 'few'