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UBC 97 Diaphargm Nailing

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I have a few questions to take you mind off the worrying about the calendar and other horrible things.

1. Tables 23-ll-H and 23-ll-I-1 list shear values for nailing horizontal and vertical diaphragms. The shear values for blocked horizontal diaphragms are not the same as for vertical diaphragms. Why? The NDS (the basis for these tables) does not differentiate between horizontal and vertical diaphragms.
2. Table 23-ll-H does not list values for 8d nails in sheathing Struct I 7/16 nnd 15/32 thick. It does list values for 8d nails in these thickness for other grades of sheathing. Why? Table 23-ll-I-1 lists shear values for 8d nails in these thickness for all grades. Why the difference between the tables?
3. Table 23-ll-H lists only common nails while Table 23-ll-I-1 lists common or galvanized box. Why the difference?
4. See Table 23-ll-I-1, footnote 5, what are tumbled nailed?