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RE: Engineer's Christmas?

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The fold-in's work just as they do on the magazine. A little icon is pressed
and as you run the mouse from right to left across the page, the cover folds
in - very neat. I suppose this was very important to the concept.
The program, as I mentioned, is on 7 CD-ROM's and is active through a MAD
browser with little Pull-downs (like the flush chain of an old fashioned
toilet). It is called a Veeblefeltzer for some strange reason. There is a
jukebox to access the old records on vinyl that appeared in the magazine.
The set also includes all of the specials and annuals - over 380 issues,
20,000 pages. MPEG brings up the UGOI (Usual Gang of Idiots) who discuss
various aspects of the magazine through the years.

With this said, there are some things missing - I think - that I remember
and can't find. One parody was "I'll Always Send You Mail, While You're
Spending Time in Jail, For Throwing the High School Basketball Game..." I
can't find this one. I also can't find the parody on Sea Hunt that I
remember so vividly from an old issue.

The search engine is excellent but it keeps you switching CD's if you are
like me and love to browse from issue to issue.

There is a lot to Totally MAD and for any baby boomer brought up on this
type of Satire, it is priceless (but you can get it for $70.00 retail).

Although, Alfred E. Neumann was introduced in December 1959 as was
advertised, his face appeared for the first time in 1955 in a fake
advertisement that was common in comic books back then where you can get
anything from x-ray Glasses to replica hand guns for less than $3.00.

I highly recommend this as it brings back a lot of memories that are now set
down in history - like the 1960 Election where MAD predicted Fabian over
Kennedy or Nixon:O)