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Re: SE vs. PE Stamp

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In California the height limit requirement and/or number of stories will vary from city to city.  This is a jurisdiction specific requirement.  Schools and hospitals is a state requirement that the plans be stamped by an SE.

City of Los Angeles, for example, has other types of structures that require the work be performed by an SE.  Generally speaking, a CE or PE (structural) can do all other buildings.  Hope this helps.

Rick Ranous

Rick Byrd wrote:

> An SE stamp is required for school and Hospital work, no matter what the magnitude. Ive heard the 240 ft limitation also, Ive also heard that there is story limitations in seismic zone 4. (Either 4 or 7 stories, I cant recall)
> >>> <ASQUILALA(--nospam--at)> 12/28 5:37 PM >>>
> To all California SEs and PEs:
> What are the restrictions of PE stamp in comparison with the SE stamp? Or
> better yet, what an SE can stamp that a PE (Practicing Structural) can not?
> I heard that PE (Structural) can not stamp school and hospital buildings.  Is
> this a correct statement?  Outside of school and hospital, can a PE stamp
> structures or multi-story buildings (wood, concrete, steel, prestress
> concrete) as long it is his line of expertise?
> Alfonso S. Quilala Jr., P.E.