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RE: Need Y2K compliance help - late start (not S.E. related)

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Maybe a simplistic approach.  Reset the computer clock back a month.  After
the first of the year, there should be a lot of software sales for the Y2K
fixes.  I'm sure we'll know early next year if there are many problems and
computers need to be fixed or no-never-mind.  The media should be covering
the story but word of mouth is probably more representative.

Paul F. Blomberg
Phoenix, AZ
From: Eddie Gonzalez
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Need Y2K compliance help - late start (not S.E. related)
Date: Wednesday, December 29, 1999 11:12AM

Hello folks.  I am assisting someone in evaluating whether their computer is
Y2K compliant but I am getting some confusing results from some programs.
Norton 2000 free download from the web indicates that all is o.k.  The Mcfee
Y2K Survival kit also says all is ok.  But a separate program (by Micro
indicates that the computers Real Time Clock (RTC) failed to roll over to
01/01/2000. A second program (NET 2000 Y2K Scanner by ) indicates that several files of windows may
not work properly during y2K.  I only have the analysis version of these
programs and as such to fix the apparent problem, I will need to buy their
version.  Compaq indicates that based on the serial number, the machine's
hardware is in compliance.

Q1: How can one know when they are getting ripped off by a bogous software
company or when the supposed reputable company doesn't do a good job at
checking things.

Q2: any free downloads anyone might care to recommend?

ed gonzalez