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RE: Need Y2K compliance help - late start (not S.E. related)

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FWIW, the computer I purchased five years ago appeared to be doomed in 2000.
However, somebody alerted me to the fact that merely changing the year
display from two digits to four digits would fix the problem.  I tried that
through Windows 3.1 for Workgroups which the computer came with.  The only
problem I had was the computer would not roll over by itself.  For some
reason related to the BIOS, the computer would reset to 1980 instead of
2000.  But I could go in on January 1 and set the year to 2000 and it works
fine after that.
Last month, my bank informed me that I cannot access my account between 11
p.m. on the 31st to 7 a.m. on the first.  They claim that they are
performing their "year-end statements" and "it is a normal procedure";
however, I believe they are just shutting their entire network of computers
down before midnight and rebooting with a new date input on the first which
is similar to what I will be doing.  From that point on, no problems should
appear ... in theory ... I guess ... so I can either be a millionaire,
broke, or just the same as I was before.
I contemplated purchasing a Y2K check program for $45 but I am glad I did
not because I do not believe these programs are entirely accurate.  Most
only report a problem or what the program "perceives" as a problem and do
not offer any solutions.  
The best information I received was via the Gateway 2000 and Microsoft web
sites.  I would try the manufacturers first before buying any software for
testing/fixing.  IMO, I would think that all reputable manufacturers and
software companies would offer free downloads if their merchandise does
require a "fix." Good luck.

William J. Keil, P.E.