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RE: Need Y2K compliance help - late start (not S.E. related)

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Someone may have alerted you to this, but it is bogus.

The displayed computer date has NOTHING to do with the internal
representation of that date. If you have a choice to display two digits or
four, then you can rest assured your computer knows the correct date

FWIW, there was a scam going around the 'net a couple of months ago,
advising people that Windows 98 came "Y2K non-compliant from the factory"
because of this very point. But in actuality, the computer KNOWS that
1-1-2000 can be displayed 1-1-00! There is NO BUG in that case!

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FWIW, the computer I purchased five years ago appeared to be doomed in 2000.
However, somebody alerted me to the fact that merely changing the year
display from two digits to four digits would fix the problem.