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Re: Heliport on existing building

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We recently added a heliport atop an existing five story parking garage 
adjacent to a hospital, and then ran a pedestrian bridge across to the 
hospital.  We didn't encounter any code provisions preventing the work.

> Anyone out there have previous experience with this one ?
> To be completely honest, I want any excuses I can find not to do it.
> Are there any NFPA provisions or UBC that i can "hang my hat on" short of
> having to do complete analysis to come up with the answer (gut level is "no"
> based upon previous evaluations of the building) and prove it to my owner ?
> Any other morsels of wisdom would be appreciated as well.
> Can you sense that I just don't want to pour through the circa 1970 calcs
> (not done by me) of a 10 storey hospital to figure if it's ok?
> I'm looking for the proverbial "way not to have to solve the problem", or am
> I grasping at straws ?
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