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RE: Need Y2K compliance help - late start (not S.E. related)

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I fell for these Y2K checkers when I first heard about them. Sure enough, my
laptop - a Dell less than one year old failed the test. Dell claimed it was
Y2K compliant but the software (like the one you mentioned) claimed there
were problems.

I purchased Fix-It 98 and subsequently Fix-It 2000 and found out that the
computer was okay. The failure of the test was only an indication of one of
many checks of the systems bios that commonly failed but was not final proof
of Y2K problems.

Generally, if the computer is less than 2 years old there should be no
problem with the system date rolling over. If it is older and a problem
occurs, your first step is to see if there is an updated system Bios for the
grade of computer that you have. I don't know of any Pentium or Celeron
based systems that have problems.

If your system is an older 386 or 486 - it might be a good time to update
your computer. A Pentium 166Mhz and motherboard (what is now considered the
bare essentials) can be had for less than $200.00. Hard drives are cheap - 6
Gigs for less than $130.00.

Memory is going up in price - and it will cost much more than it did six
months ago, but nowhere near what it did four years ago:o).

Computer systems are almost being given away if the user is willing to sign
up for an online service like CompuServe for three years. Compaq has a
Celeron system for around $500.00 with a 3-year CompuServe signup at Circuit

My point is that most systems will not have a problem with Y2K and if it
did, the cost to upgrade is very attractive today.

Dennis S. Wish PE