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RE: The Millennium Hoax

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Today on ABC Radio Network news, they reported the the U.S. Naval
Observatory is "blue in the face" from trying to get this message out. They
even chastised the President (can you imagine that?) for helping to
perpetrate the ignorance by referring to the year 2000 as "the first year of
the new millenium." The U.S.N.O. spokesman offered as his opinion that
"people just like to party, and this is an excuse." Can anyone say "bread
and circuses"?

Again, the thing to remember is this is about the overwheening IGNORANCE of
the majority of the populace, which is being pandered to by the media and
marketers of every stripe.

There was a time when the press was concerned with INFORMING the public.
Nowadays, they're all about entertainment, and intellectual narcolepsy is
highly in vogue. After all, these are the same people who continued to
maintain to us, the public, that the President's impeachment was about sex.

So that's why I get incensed about the "millenium hoax". It is just one more
sign that truth doesn't matter anymore, as long as you look good lying.

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Measuring the age of a person has
nothing to do with how calendars and
years are counted. This is not a physics
exercise, it is a counting exercise
where years are counted as natural
numbers. There simply was never a year
zero or a year minus zero. You will not
find such a year in any timeline. The
first year was simply year one. This, by
the by, is not a matter of opinion but
of simple observation. Find any
historical scholar on this and you will
find that you are not supported.