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RE: The New Millennium Hoax

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Not to belabor the point, but extending this logic suggests that for the
past 99 years we have been in the 19th Century and we are about to start the
20th century.  

I'll stick with the Navy and start the 21st Century on January 1, 2001.

Happy New Year, 
Harold Sprague

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> Sent:	Thursday, December 30, 1999 10:40 AM
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> Subject:	Re: The New Millennium Hoax
> All I said is that it makes no sense to say Jesus turned 33 in the year 34
> A.D. and that the number of years from, say, 100 B.C. to 100 A.D. is 199
> years.  Just because historians do it that way doesn't make it correct.
> Using natural numbers makes no sense in this context since there is a time
> before the year one.
> Christianity no longer maintains, under penalty of death, that the earth
> is
> flat.  Dennis the Short apparently didn't know about the year zero.  It is
> possible he was wrong.  This is the computer age, zero is here to stay.
> It is time for the year zero to stand up and be counted!  The people
> demand
> it!!  They are tired of being pandered to by people such as the historians
> who maintain that some guy said it in the SIXTH century, it MUST be true,
> common sense be damned!!
> 	An optimist is someone who maintains that the millennium starts 1
> Jan 2000, then changes his mind in July 2000 so that s/he can prepare for
> the second celebration.
> 	A pessimist is someone who maintains that the millennium starts 1
> Jan 2001, then changes his mind in July 2000 and misses BOTH celebrations!
> :-)
> 	An engineer is someone who actually thinks it matters which one is
> correct.
> Since we now know we will never agree on this one, can we now discuss a
> consensus item topic, such as:  "Steel design in the new millennium: ASD
> vs
> LRFD."  ????
> Mark Swingle
> -------------------------------------------------
> Bill Polhemus said:
> 	<Again, the thing to remember is this is about the overwheening
> IGNORANCE of the majority of the populace, which is being pandered to by
> the
> media and marketers of every stripe.
> 	<But you never would say "in my zeroth year" would you? No, the
> period of time from your birth to your first birthday would be...what?
> Year
> ONE.
> 	Q.E.D.>
> ------------------------------------------------
> Mark E. Deardorff said:
> 	<Measuring the age of a person has nothing to do with how calendars
> and years are counted. This is not a physics exercise, it is a counting
> exercise where years are counted as natural numbers. There simply was
> never
> a year zero or a year minus zero. You will not find such a year in any
> timeline. The first year was simply year one. This, by the by, is not a
> matter of opinion but of simple observation. Find any historical scholar
> on
> this and you will find that you are not supported.>