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Re: R value for Plywood shear walls

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Assuming you are referring to 97 UBC, I would use R=5.5 for a bearing wall
building and R=6.5 if there is an independent space frame, per Table 16-N
(items 1.1.a and 2.2.a, respectively).

I am not sure where your numbers come from.

Mark Swingle
Oakland, CA

Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't mention the millennium?


You wrote:

<Are most engineers using R=5.0 or R=4.5 for plywood shearwalls?

If the plywood does not carry gravity loads, is it feasible to use R=4.5
for wood frame, plywood shear wall construction?

Any thoughts, or has this already been hashed out?

Bart Needham, SE>