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Re: R value for Plywood shear walls

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Thank you, I was referring to light framed walls that are taller than 3
stories. (97 UBC)   In this case it appears that the options are 5.0 and 4.5.

I am not sure whether wood stud wall framing, (2x studs with top plates)  is
considered to be a space frame, as the plywood could fail, and the vertical
carrying elements of the system remain intact.

Or is the only way to achieve this, is to place beams and posts at the tops
and ends, respectively, of all the walls?

"Swingle, Mark" wrote:

> Assuming you are referring to 97 UBC, I would use R=5.5 for a bearing wall
> building and R=6.5 if there is an independent space frame, per Table 16-N
> (items 1.1.a and 2.2.a, respectively).
> I am not sure where your numbers come from.
> Mark Swingle
> Oakland, CA