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Re: Another Holiday Side Topic - Hubble

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> Bill Polhemus wrote:
> >>I wonder what OS it does use?<<
> DOS, of course!  It can't risk a crash (and reboot) once an hour <G>

Like a few other old-timers on this list, I prefer DOS to Windoze, but am forced
into occasional use of the latter for the sake of compatibility with the rest of
the world.  Much as I hate to admit that all the world's problems do not emanate
from Redmond, I've noticed over the past few months that my Aptiva PII with W98
crashes about twice per day, while my Gateway PII running the same software
"only" crashes twice per month.  Makes me wonder what's buggier, hardware or

BTW, my abacus and slide rule are all greased up, ready for Saturday morning,
just in case the millennium starts now rather than in 12 months.