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Post-tensioning tendon corrosion

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We are evaluating the condition of a 4 story parking garage with deep 
post-tensioned girders supporting one way post-tensioned slabs. 
(Constructed in the early 80's.)

A number of girders have grease dripping from cracks in the bottom of the 
girders at mid-span.  All of the girders with this condition are under the 
roof parking deck.  At some girders where this condition occurs, the tendon 
anchorages are protected from the weather, at others they are exposed.

Because we haven't experienced this condition before, we propose to 
investigate the girders as follows:

Phase 1:  Open the bottoms of 2 girders where the most leakage and cracking 
has occurred, look for moisture, extract grease samples for testing, and 
visually inspect the tendons for corrosion.

Phase 2:  If corrosion is indicated, remove one or two tendons to allow for 
inspection over their entire length.

Does anyone have experience with a post-tensioned structure in this 
condition? Any insight would be appreciated, as well as comments about our 
proposed investigation method.


Rob Ward
Copple & Ward, Inc.
San Rafael, CA