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FW: [was] UBC 97 Diaphargm Nailing [is now galvanizing methods]

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I think that you have your ASTM numbers switched.  B695 is the mechanically
galvanized spec and A153 is the hot-dipped one.

Curt La Count
Jacobs Engineering
Portland, OR
From: Charlie Carter
To: 'seaint(--nospam--at)'
Subject: RE: [was] UBC 97 Diaphargm Nailing [is now galvanizing methods]
Date: Wednesday, December 29, 1999 9:54AM

Yes. Generally, mechanical galvanizing (what you called tumbling) is used
for small parts (bolts, nuts, etc.) that can be put in a hopper and tumbled
with water, glass beads and powdered zinc. It's a bit more complicated than
this brief description, but the impact of the glass beads with the product
in the presence of the water and zinc powder fuses the zinc to the product.
ASTM A153 is the applicable ASTM spec for mechanical galvanizing. Larger
parts (like beams, columns, etc.) are generally hot-dip galvanized in
accordance with ASTM B695.