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RE: Report on Wood Diaphragm Issues

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Raise your fee! 

Sorry, but what else can you do? If a building official is that stupid and fearful than you are pretty much screwed from the start.

Mark E. Deardorff, SE
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> Sent: Monday, January 03, 2000 12:19 PM
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> Subject: Re: Report on Wood Diaphragm Issues
> Tim McCormick the Building Official at the City of Santa 
> Monica wants a
> Rigidity Analysis (1630.6) and a Story Drift Analysis 
> (1630.10) for a one
> story residence no matter what Seaoc or LA City says.  I used 
> the Simplified
> Design Base Shear Method. A lot of Mr. McCormick's  
> information comes from a
> SEAOC Seminar, Wood Diaphragms and Shear Wall Defections,.authored by
> Douglas Thompson S.E. in which is stated "Past earthquakes 
> have shown that
> lateral forces are distributed by relative rigidities."
> I would appreciate any help and how to handle this situation?
> Ken Wilkinson S.E.