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RE: Report on Wood Diaphragm Issues

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Dennis Wish, I believe, posted a computer program on the net to solve these
types of problems.  Also Simpson has their KEYLAT lateral program now on the
market.  We are taking Shafat Qazi position as just posted on the

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Subject: Re: Report on Wood Diaphragm Issues

Tim McCormick the Building Official at the City of Santa Monica wants a
Rigidity Analysis (1630.6) and a Story Drift Analysis (1630.10) for a one
story residence no matter what Seaoc or LA City says.  I used the Simplified
Design Base Shear Method. A lot of Mr. McCormick's  information comes from a
SEAOC Seminar, Wood Diaphragms and Shear Wall Defections,.authored by
Douglas Thompson S.E. in which is stated "Past earthquakes have shown that
lateral forces are distributed by relative rigidities."

I would appreciate any help and how to handle this situation?

Ken Wilkinson S.E.

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Subject: Report on Wood Diaphragm Issues

> I just received this e-mail.  It looks like Dennis's long, hard fought
> is producing some encouraging results.  My hat is off to Dennis and others
> who have pursued this issue and my thanks to Ron Hamburger and others on
> Seismology Committee that responded.
> In this business it is hard to find time to get involved in complex issues
> when one doesen't fully understand them.  I find it necessary to attend
> seminars each year just to keep up with new  code changes materials and
> methodology.  When business is good you have to make hay while the sun is
> shining.------My excuses.
> I hope that this latest report on diaphragms will be accepted by plan
> agencies
> on the intermin until the prescribed code changes are made official.
> From one of the many silent observers,
> Ray Shreenan