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RE: Report on Wood Diaphragm Issues

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But is the difference really only a few hundred dollars. Last time I looked, KEYLAT had a monthly fee that was required to use the program. Has that changed?
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>  << Woodworks 2000 is also out now and includes the same 
> features as KEYLAT 
> at a far less rapacious price. You can reach them at 1-800-844-1275.
>   >>
>  I called the company this morning and the software will not 
> be available for 
> 2-3 weeks. Full price is $495, this is cheaper than Keylats 
> price, but after 
> talking to their rep, I got the feeling that Keylat may be 
> more advanced and 
> capable of doing more. (This is just my got feeling, and I'm 
> not connected 
> with Simpson or Keylat) Has anyone tested the full version 
> (prerelease or 
> beta) of each? What we need is a reliable testing/comparison 
> of the programs 
> for code compliance and accuracy to aid in making an educated 
> selection. How 
> many stories can each handle, can they handle orthogonal 
> walls, is there a 
> way to input cantilevered steel columns, etc. I don't mind 
> paying less but 
> since my business depends on it, I want the best program available 
> (especially when the difference is only a few hundred dollars)
>  Andrew Vidikan PE. >>