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RE: Anchor Bolt Straightening

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you need to be careful in this. L and J bolts are designed with the "end
hooks" in mind, and they are embedded a prescribed distance, etc.

The type of "straightening" (yeah, right; how "straight" is it inside the
concrete?) that this contractor has in mind, done after the fact, will have
implications not so much for the steel strength but the behavior of the

Be very wary, and investigate throughly--at contractor's cost--before giving
your blessing. That's my recommendation.

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Subject: Anchor Bolt Straightening

I have some 1 1/2 inch diameter anchor bolts with a 10 inch projection that
became skewed during concrete pouring.  They support a very large vertical
The field would like to straighten the bolts by heating and bending.  My
reaction was "no way" but then I remembered that we use to make L and J
bolts by
heating and there was a recent thread on beam straightening by heating.  Any
restrictions, cautions, or suggestions you can think of for heating and
anchor bolts?  What would be the optimum temperature?  I assume the maximum
temperature to be 1300 F per AISC LRFD manual.  The bolts are headed bolts
with standard A36 stock.