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Re: Wood Fire Rated Wall Assembly F'c reduction

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At 04:51 PM 01/03/2000 -0800, you wrote:
The Uniform Building Code requires that the design stress for studs be reduced to 78 percent of allowable F'c for all 1-hour rated walls.  This appears in a footnote #18 for Table 7-B.
Jeff Albert
KPFF Consulting Engineers
Seattle WA

We reviewed Table 7-B (1997 UBC Volume 1) and have the following comments:

1.      Apparently these are new provisions as these notes aren't in the 1994 UBC.
2.      These additions (there is also additional fastener length provisions in Note 17) were not flagged with a black vertical change bar.
3.      The ICBO errata has no comments concerning the above items.
4.      There are other footnotes in Table 7-A and Table 7-B  that have changed or been added that were not flagged.

This appears to be an oversight on the part of ICBO.  Would suggest that they review all of the footnotes throughout the 97 code and alert us to other non-flagged changes on their web site.

Guess I'll have to modify a couple of spread sheets now.

Neil Moore, S.E.