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RE: Anchor Bolt Straightening

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I will keep this in mind for future reference.  Our current problem is that the
equipment baseplate has a large circular anchor bolt pattern and the equipment
will not fit over the bolts.


Thomas Hunt
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Can you use a beveled washer instead?  I'm not sure of the sizes available
but we have used these in retrofit work where bolts were installed at a 22
1/2 degree angle.

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> Subject: Anchor Bolt Straightening
> I have some 1 1/2 inch diameter anchor bolts with a 10 inch
> projection that
> became skewed during concrete pouring.  They support a very large
> vertical pump.
> The field would like to straighten the bolts by heating and
> bending.  My first
> reaction was "no way" but then I remembered that we use to make L
> and J bolts by
> heating and there was a recent thread on beam straightening by
> heating.  Any
> restrictions, cautions, or suggestions you can think of for
> heating and bending
> anchor bolts?  What would be the optimum temperature?  I assume
> the maximum
> temperature to be 1300 F per AISC LRFD manual.  The bolts are
> headed bolts made
> with standard A36 stock.
> Thomas Hunt
> Fluor Daniel