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RE: The Millennium Hoax

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As I understand the facts:

1. When the Gregorian calendar was 
established, the first year of the 
calendar was called 1 AD.  

2. The intent was to start the calendar 
from the time of Christ's birth - but 
current consensus is that Christ was 
born a few years earlier than this. 

3. At one point in history, 11 days 
were "deleted" to correct errors in 
the calendar.  (I believe this was 
when "leap years" were added to make 
regular corrections to the erroneous 

One area I don't udnerstand is the 
relationship of BC to AD.  Mark Deardorff wrote:
>There simply was never a year zero or 
>a year minus zero. You will not 
>find such a year in any timeline. The 
>first year was simply year one...
>Now, if someone was born at 1 BC, at 1 
>AD he would be 1 - (-1) = 2 years old. 
>What is possibly so difficult about 

I don't get it - if there was no "year 
minus zero", then 1 BC starts at the 
same point in time as 1 AD.  So if 
someone was born at the beginning of 
1 BC they also would be born at the 
beginning of 1 AD and would be zero 
years old.  (And the difference between 
10 BC and 10 AD would only be 18 years?)

Based on the above facts, there is no 
fixed historical event that actually 
occurred at the beginning of 1 AD and 
there is historical precedent to "change" 
the calendar by decree to fix past 

Thus I would propose that we simply 
"define" year zero as occuring one 
year prior to the beginning of 1 AD;
and thus we can say we just celebrated 
the end of 2000 years and the start of 
a new millenium, just as a person 
celebrates their 100th birthday at the 
beginning of their second century.  
(Of course, based on Christ's actual 
birth, the millenium started a couple of 
years ago.)  Historians can simply 
make a correction for differences between 
BC dates and AD dates as they already 
have to do. 

Unfortunately, this would take a "decree"  
to get everyone to agree. So I propose 
that a world leader's summit be established 
called the World Calendar Workshop (WCW).  
Of course the world leaders would likely 
get into a power play on the method and 
wording - perhaps it could be televised 
by TBS.  Then we could watch the world 
leaders fight it out on WCW on TBS! :)