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RE: Anchor Bolt Straightening

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Tom, I think it depends on the degree of out-of-plumbness that you are
facing.  A couple of considerations:

1. If these anchors are intended to carry significant uplift, just
straightening them above the surface of the concrete results in an
eccentricity in the load path into the concrete.  This may or may not have
an adverse effect on the ultimate tension capacity of the anchor, but it
will probably affect the tension stiffness.

2. The other problem you face is the potential for damage to the surface
concrete critical for the shear performance of the anchor.  Mortar repair
may or may not give you back this capacity, depending on the detail you are

J. Silva, SE
Hilti, Inc.

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> Subject: 	Anchor Bolt Straightening
> I have some 1 1/2 inch diameter anchor bolts with a 10 inch projection
> that
> became skewed during concrete pouring.  They support a very large vertical
> pump.
> The field would like to straighten the bolts by heating and bending.  My
> first
> reaction was "no way" but then I remembered that we use to make L and J
> bolts by
> heating and there was a recent thread on beam straightening by heating.
> Any
> restrictions, cautions, or suggestions you can think of for heating and
> bending
> anchor bolts?  What would be the optimum temperature?  I assume the
> maximum
> temperature to be 1300 F per AISC LRFD manual.  The bolts are headed bolts
> made
> with standard A36 stock.
> Thomas Hunt
> Fluor Daniel