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Robot 97 ???

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I am currently reviewing Robot 97 with hopes of buying some USEFUL software.
Any comments on this one?
I am looking for the most useful software in terms of all around analysis
and design (Canadian Limit States Design). It also has to cost a reasonable
amount of money, which in my view can't exceed CAN$3000 by too much. It
seems to be very well featured with a pretty good learning curve. The AVwin
software made available to the group a year or so is quite good and fast
but the design aspects are not relevant to me. A few attempts to correlate
it to the Canadian codes did not work too well. Plus this is a wasted step. 
I expect someone out there is using it or has given it a very good test
drive. I have not seen a graphical user interface this good on anything
else especially with respect to the loading input.
Thanks in advance for responding.

David Handy, P.Eng.
The Thompson Rosemount Group, Cornwall, Ont. Canada
Opinions expressed are personal only.