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RE: criteria for retrofit of existing structures

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I would too, except that my client's standards require California Building
Code Title 24, 1998 edition.

It sounds like you are going to be retrofitting a school, hospital or fire
station.  I suggest that you look at Title 24. Division III-R, which is a
retrofit criteria intended for hospitals.  It allows the use of the retrofit
criterias defined in FEMA-273 or ATC-40 through the "Method B" defined therein.
Another section, called Division IV-R, is in the public monograph for the
upcoming BSC meeting, which if adopted for the next Title 24 Supplement would
then apply to other types of state-owned buildings, and possibly also for
privately-owned buildings.  There is a lot of controversy over the adoption for
privately-owned buildings part, and that part of it may nor be adopted.