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Re: Wood Species in North CA

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Mendicino County is prime California Redwood growing (and spotted owl) country.
But the redwood is way too expensive for framing.  The common framing lumber
Douglas Fir -Larch (north) in Table 23-IV-V-1 of the 1997 UBC.  Most engineers
spec No. 2 & better for joists and rafters and 2x6 studs, Select Structural for
beams and Standard and better for 2x4 studs. Some Hem-fir is also used for studs.

 If you are designing members that are to be pressure treated make sure you spec
the species as well as it is common to find PT material as Hem-fir due to easier

Most lumber will be surfaced green and have a relatively high MC.

Bob Bossi

Richard Lewis wrote:

> I am designing a wood structure in Mendocino County.  I am not from CA so I am
> not sure what species of wood is common for construction there.  Can someone
> please tell me what species and grade of wood is typically available for stud
> walls (2x4 & 2x6) and joists (2x8 and larger)?  If it is doug-fir, which
> specific doug-fir do you use?
> Thanks
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